With a spark of an idea, a social problem that you want to solve, or a team that you want to develop let Good Ideas support you.

Good Ideas delivers a series of facilitated workshops; at the heart of which is the use of Design Thinking methodology. We believe that for any venture to be successful we need to support both the thinking behind the IDEA AND provide support to the INDIVIDUAL. This approach enables you and your organisations to develop ideas that will have a positive social IMPACT.

It’s been really great to be surrounded by a community of people that are equally passionate, like-minded, to have the frameworks and structures to start approaching my idea and making it into a business.


I’ve been thinking about these concepts for years and I think that without Good Ideas, I would be still thinking about them and wouldn’t have the courage to take them forward


I have grown in many ways I had not thought possible, learning more than I ever knew I needed to know, and have met so many wonderful people who have taught me so many wonderful things.


My idea would not have gone anywhere. [Good Ideas] created the space I needed in a cluttered life to nurture it, to give it the first signs of life.


Good ideas make change.

Good Ideas is THE place to start your journey of turning a good idea into social change. Our incubation programme leads people with an idea through a journey of camps and classes to the launch of their social venture. We believe success is due to both the individual and the ideas; an approach we apply throughout our programme.