Good ideas make change.

Do you want to turn your good idea into a new social venture?

Since 2012 Good Ideas has inspired and supported people to turn their good ideas into new social enterprises, charities and campaigns.

Making an idea happen can be a daunting prospect. Finding time to explore new ideas is difficult.

We’re here to help people test their ideas and make change happen.

The Good Ideas Journey


A variety of entry points, called Catalysts, including webinars, talks, events and workshops



Testing ideas at 1-day and 2-day Camps held at various locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow



Selection to a 3-month sprint, called the Class, that includes weekly workshops and learning tours that lead to the testing of ..


.. a minimal viable product /service, Coaching workshops with 1:1 expert input alongside co-coaching from peers.

  • Kath MacDonald, Listen up!

  • Patricia Muñoz, My Go Foundry

    Patricia Muñoz, My Go Foundry

  • Zero Teja Hudson talking to attendee at Good Ideas Marketplace 2019

    Teja Hudson, Love Zero Scotland

  • Will Muir, Project Raise

    Will Muir, Project Raise

  • Andy Hyde, Go upstream

    Andy Hyde, Upstream

  • Callum MacKinnon

    Callum MacKinnon, Forth Valley Rebound Therapy Service CIC

  • Celia Hodson

    Celia Hodson, Hey Girls

  • Kenneth Allan Repurposing of Empty Buildings for Beneficial Homeless Use

    Kenneth Allan, Repurposing of Empty Buildings for Beneficial Homeless Use

  • Lauren McLaughlin Spilt Milk

    Lauren McLaughlin, Spilt Milk

  • Lauren Jarvis Pets in Crisis

    Lauren Jarvis, Pets in Crisis

  • Maria Perez, Scotland’s Social Way

    Maria Perez, Scotland’s Social Way

  • Nicola Lamberton & Keith Murray, Duncan Place

    Nicola Lamberton & Keith Murray, Duncan Place: Your Space

Ready to start your project?

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

  • It’s been really great to be surrounded by a community of people that are equally passionate, like-minded, to have the frameworks and structures to start approaching my idea and making it into a business.
  • I have grown in many ways I had not thought possible, learning more than I ever knew I needed to know, and have met so many wonderful people who have taught me so many wonderful things.
  • I've been thinking about these concepts for years and I think that without Good Ideas, I would be still thinking about them and wouldn't have the courage to take them forward
  • My idea would not have gone anywhere. [Good Ideas] created the space I needed in a cluttered life to nurture it, to give it the first signs of life.

Take some SPACE to work on your idea

Space, the final frontier and something we're pretty clued up on here at The Melting Pot HQ. Good Ideas is powered by our mother organisation The

Building on Experience, Building Ability

Nigel runs Ability Post Production Academy Ltd, which is a new start up working with young people, with both visible and invisible disability, to