In an average classroom in Scotland of 20 15 year old teenagers, eight girls and four boys would be considered to be experiencing some emotional and behavioral issues.

Good Ideas 2020 has now concluded and after the Edinburgh Social Innovation Showcase, run online due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have 11 new social innovators working hard to make an impact. Let us introduce you to the Edinburgh Class and opportunities to work with them to deliver social change.

Each Class member has a unique request. A specific ask that, if fulfilled, will help them make a bigger impact in this next stage. Read on to find out if you can help Lily make change.

Now more than ever, it is important that we come together and do what we can for the greater good. Good Ideas provides the structure, tools and space required to turn ideas into impact, the rest is up to the hard working social innovators that come through our programmes. One of these innovators is Lily Buchanan, the founder of Yoga with Lily who is providing yoga, meditation and mindfulness programmes and workshops to teenagers and young adults to equip them with a toolkit to support their mental wellbeing throughout life.

12 out of 20 / The Problem

In an average classroom in Scotland of 20 15 year old teenagers, eight girls and four boys would be considered to be experiencing some emotional and behavioral issues. Those could include feeling worried and unhappy, lacking confidence, conduct problems, peer problems, and that’s 12 out of 20 kids in a classroom. There’s very little in terms of practical evidence based support being offered to these young people. Teachers have told Lily that although the curriculum reflects the needs for mental and spiritual well being in high school, they have no training in this area and that they’re already struggling with the existing demands that they face as teachers.

One of the first big pressures that young people face comes in the form of exams and decisions about their future. And to add on to that there’s a growing amount of stress and pressure that they face from social media, puberty, boyfriends, girlfriends, peer pressure and parents, just to name a few. We’ve outgrown this outdated idea that we can simply shrug and say “they’ll just grow out of it”.

1000 Years / The Solution

“The idea behind my project isn’t innovative or a new invention. I want to use a practice that been used for thousands of years, a practice that is supported now by a wealth of scientific journals and studies. yoga and meditation tools have been proven to increase resilience, reduce stress, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase overall happiness, amongst many others things. I teach yoga with Lily, I’m a yoga meditation teacher and I’m also a certified teen yoga and mindfulness teacher.”

Lily started to develop her idea into a Social Enterprise in October last year. Since then she has run five 10-12 week trial programmes at high schools in the Lothians; both Lily and the teachers have been impressed by how keen the young people have been. She has also started working with charities such as The Princes Trust in Edinburgh to run workshops for the young people which they support.

Since the lockdown Lily has been creating free content via the Yoga With Lily YouTube channel. With yoga, meditation and mindfulness content for teenagers and young adults, this has allowed her to collaborate with a lot of youth work organizations across Scotland, and get this content out to young people who might particularly need it at the moment.

Mental and emotional support during these years can be vital for allowing young people to actually reach their potential in life. And considering the stressed out teenagers who can’t cope become stressed out adults that can’t cope, it’s time to start teaching our young people tools to support them through their lives. And it’s not simply enough to just support them when they’re in crisis.

Support and Communication / The Experience

Lily joined the programme in January after visiting The Melting Pot to discuss her idea.

“Over the Good Ideas programme one of the biggest learnings for me has been how vital support is when you are trying to develop a social enterprise. This is something that I felt I had an aversion to when I was in the early days of setting up. The support has come in the way of Julie and Helen and the constant communication with other members in the group who have been ready and willing to help tackle any number of problems. Peer to peer coaching and accountability partners have become a vital tool for me now. I think overall the biggest learning in summary is that you can’t do everything on your own and it is great to be able to have a network of support to go to when I need support or need an idea for where to get it from.”

Connections / The Asks

Now Lily is reaching out to you.

Do you:

  • work with young people and would like to run a program or workshop?
  • have connections in the education, charity or Youth Work, Work sectors, who you think would be excited about collaborating with Lily?
  • want to support and follow the work that Lily is doing with young people?

Connect with Lily today at and follow here on Twitter, Faceook, Instagram and YouTube.

Can you work with Lily to #HelpMakeChange?

Lily is one of our many wonderful Alumni doing good things with her Good Idea. If you would like to support Good Ideas to help others like Lily please let us know.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Stay safe and take care 🙂