Our Nature-Based Accelerator is ending on September 2nd with a much-anticipated Launch. At this event, the innovators will pitch their nature-based enterprise ideas. But who are they, and what are they working on? Read our short introduction blog series to whet your appetite. Below, you can find out about Angus Wolf and Flowers Vermilion.

Flowers Vermilion: The Story

Flowers Vermilion is a family-led floral design studio based in Glasgow. Angus and his partner Terri who set up the business specialise in event floristry and large scale commissioned work as well as editorial work, styling, product marketing and fashion shoots. They aim to be the first florist social enterprise in Scotland and to intertwine environmental and social issues within their work. They want their business to become as environmentally ethical and carbon neutral as possible by growing all the flowers they use. From there, they expect to be in a position to promote good practice and train and educate others.

Flowers Vermilion: Impact and Benefits

The flower industry has a terrible impact on the environment and climate change. Almost all (90%) of the flowers sold in the UK have been shipped from abroad. They have often been grown under artificial lights using chemical pesticides and travel many miles by sea, air and road. Terri and Angus want to grow all their flowers to reduce much of the environmental impact. They hope that through their business they can promote nature-based solutions, clean up the flower industry, improve the lives of others through nature and to help the local economy by creating green jobs. They also hope that their flower farm can be an attractive addition to the city.

Flowers Vermilion: Collaboration and Connections

The online and physical shop of Flowers Vermilion provide bunches of flowers to the general public. Growing all the flowers for the business may lead Angus and Terri to providing flowers for sale at the wholesale flower market in Glasgow. They also work with organisations in need of flowers, be it for events, installations or fashion and marketing. Within their new vision, they want to encourage other businesses to consider their environmental impact and how they can be more socially minded.

Flowers Vermilion: Why the Nature-Based Accelerator?

Terri and Angus saw the benefit of working with others to direct the project in the best way possible, that input from experts would really help them grow, and the importance of a strong business model. They are looking for connections with environmental experts and potential partners.

Flowers Vermilion: Further info

Follow Flowers Vermilion on Instagram:  @flowers_vermilion

Join us for the Launch on 2nd September where Angus and other participants of the Nature-Based Accelerator will pitch their innovative enterprise ideas. Grab this chance to create some valuable connections! Find tickets and more information here.