A community… a culture that supports mental health and well-being is created and maintained.

The first ever Glasgow Good Ideas Class has now finished and its 5 social innovators are working hard to make change. Unfortunately the usual end of Class celebration, the Social Innovation Showcase, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But we’ve launched the #HelpMakeChange campaign to introduce you to the Glasgow Class and opportunities to work with them to deliver social change.

Each Class member has a unique request. A specific ask that, if fulfilled, will help them make a bigger impact in this next stage. Read on to find out if you can help Scottish Esports entrepreneur Brian make change.

The future we face as a sector is unknown. However, we can make strides towards it with confidence and optimism when we take a look at the work its new entrepreneurs are bringing into the world. Good Ideas supports its people and helps them go from strength to strength. Bringing people together in one place has shown us time and time again that we are stronger when we support each other.

Among these people is Brian Houston, one of the new Alumni of the latest Glasgow Good Ideas Class and the founder of the Scottish Esports Hub. His social venture seeks to bring a positive change to the Esports community in Scotland, for the betterment of the mental health and wellbeing of those engaging in it.

Where It All Began / The Problem

Brian Houston, Scottish Esports Hub

Esports is a term used to describe competitive video gaming. Players compete one-on-one and in teams. Even though the industry is in its infancy, it is among the fastest-growing in the world and is worth about $4 billion worldwide.

Brian began forming his idea for the Scottish Esports Hub based on his own personal experience of the problems in the Esports arena in Scotland. He identified that there is a lack of support for the community in Scotland, which has led to mental health issues among its members. Support is needed to avoid a loss of talent and disillusionment, all of which discourage the industry and pose a threat to its growth. Brian wants to be a leading part of a movement which will give the support needed.

Bringing the E-Community Together / The Solution

The aim of this new social venture is to offer advice to Esports participants in Scotland. This starts with career advice to support those who want to work in this growing sector. Ultimately, spreading awareness of the scene so that people can easily come together. The longer term goal is to create a cohesive, supportive Esports community. It’s an industry that is only going to get bigger, Brian wants to ensure that a culture that supports mental health and well-being is created and maintained.

Brian had already taken steps to make this happen before he joined our recent Glasgow Class. He volunteered at a gaming event in Kettering, at which many Esports players and their parents gave feedback on his idea. All and all, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and was welcomed by participants and parents alike. Getting the word out is pivotal to developing a community. We hope that the wonderful people of the social innovation sector get to grips with his plans for the Esports world.

Boosting Confidence / The Experience

Like his peers, Brian joined our aspiring Alumni with the hopes of turning his idea into a reality. A big part of the Good Ideas experience is having the mutual support of others in similar stages of development, offering the support he identifies as being sorely missing among the Esports industry.
Brian also told us:

“The main difference that Good Ideas has made for me has been confidence. I’m more confident in my idea. It’s given me the tools I need to progress it, I know my idea better, I know who it’s for. It’s just made me more confident that I can go ahead and do it.”

Bridging the Virtual Gap / The Asks

Among the problems which Brian wants to tackle, is the lack of people with potential and a passion for Esports progressing to a professional level.

To address this Brian is looking for a player 2, someone to work with him on this ambitious project.

Do you have:

  • A passion for Esports
  • A desire to help people make their way into the industry and to create a healthy culture
  • Knowledge of and perhaps contacts in the sector
  • An interest in measuring social impact?

If you want to enter the game contact Brian at https://www.facebook.com/ScottishEsportsHub/

Can you work with Brian to #HelpMakeChange?


Keyboard photo by Syed Ali