Press Release 22/07/2019

Applications opened earlier this week for Good Ideas Glasgow, following two introductory workshops in April and June. There are 12 places on the six-month incubator, with additional spots on the two-day workshop that kicks off the programme in September.

Good Ideas is an initiative of The Melting Pot, Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation and supports people to develop enterprises, charities and campaigns. Since its creation in 2012, Good Ideas has incubated 93 ventures, of which 46 are still operating.

Good Ideas Glasgow will be based at Glasgow Caledonian University, and is part of the Erasmus-funded, three-year Social Innovation Knowledge Exchange programme. Good Ideas in both Glasgow and Edinburgh also receives funding from the Scottish government.

Zakia Moulaoui developed Invisible Cities through Good Ideas in 2016. Now operating in four cities, Moulaoui credits the success of her social enterprise to the incubator. “Good Ideas gave me access to a network of people who aligned with my mission,” Moulaoui says. “It brought me structure and the practical support I needed to make my idea a reality. Some of the people from my cohort have become partners that we still work with at Invisible Cities.”

Claire Carpenter, CEO and founder of The Melting Pot, says that the demand for the programme is growing. Having attracted Glasgow-based social innovators in recent years, a Good Ideas base in the neighbouring city will support that demand with local resources. “As a pioneer in supporting social innovators, expanding Good Ideas into Glasgow is an obvious next step,” Carpenter says.

The expansion follows Glasgow City Council’s first Social Enterprise Strategy that prioritises stimulating social enterprise activity. The 10-year Strategy, co-produced in May 2019 by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Social Enterprise Network, aspires to make Glasgow the social enterprise capital of Scotland.

Glasgow has a network of over 700 social enterprises across the city generating over £800m annually – and these numbers are rising.

Good Ideas will work in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) with support from the Erasmus-funded Social Innovation Knowledge Exchange programme (SIKE).

Mark Anderson, Director of the Europe Office at GCU, says that this partnership comes at a critical time for social innovation in Scotland. “This expansion is significant for Scotland’s social innovation ecosystem. Universities are beginning to take on an active role in driving social change, recognising that social innovation must be at the heart of their knowledge strategy. GCU’s involvement, with its commitment to its ‘common good’ mission, further strengthens the potential impact of Good Ideas.”

Applications for the Good Ideas Glasgow and Edinburgh are open now. For more information and how to book your place, visit