Sandra Codd from Chakana smiling in front of a screen showing the film about the first working group in the Andes

My journey with the Good Ideas incubation programme started on a cold October day as I went into The Melting Pot searching for a coworking space.

At the time, I was thinking in developing coaching retreats in Tenerife, and it was not until after taking part in the Good Ideas Camp back in November 2018, that I realised that coaching retreats were just the tip of the iceberg.

The idea of working with women co-creating and empowering them into building more sustainable communities took centre stage, and our focus became the Aymara indigenous women in the Chilean Andes, helping them to establish and grow home-based businesses.

door ajar with sign Good Ideas Make Change Camp with people talking in the distance

GOOD IDEAS boot camp was pivotal to the birth of CHAKANA as a concept of social enterprise, it was at the camp and among colourful Post-it Notes, Legos and Play-Doh that the project first saw the light.

I was fortunate that CHAKANA was selected as part of the projects going into the incubation programme, and from that point onwards the excellent mentoring and coaching delivered by the GOOD IDEAS team helped to shape my vision for social innovation.

The programme has been essential in developing abstract ideas and shaped them into concrete plans and achievement. I found my big WHY and my WHAT, and after nine months of intense work, braving rain and snow, not only our ideas blossomed but also a great sense of camaraderie and friendship with our peers and mentors as we worked through the highs and lows of being social innovators and world visionaries.

For CHAKANA the future is moving fast and now we have our first working group in the Andes. Sandra Codd, Chakana

For CHAKANA the future is moving fast and now we have our first working group in the Andes, and it is clear to that none of these could have been possible without the programme, expertise, support and guidance received from Julie, Helen, Megan and all the experts that visited us and gave us gold nuggets of information and knowledge.

The future ahead is full of challenges, and CHAKANA’s vision is to continue co-creating circles of women working together to better their lives and that of their families.

Fortune has many faces they say, mine was called GOOD IDEAS.

Sandra Codd
Founder/CEO CHAKANA Social Enterprise
Helping to co-create sustainable communities
Good Ideas Class of 2019