This week saw the inaugural Social Innovation Showcase, which, like many events over the past month, took place online. Coronavirus has really been, and will continue to be, hugely impactful on all our lives and we believe that social Innovation is needed now more than ever.

The Good Ideas Class in Edinburgh have been working since November to develop their idea for social change. The group was in the throes of testing their ideas, speaking to the potential customers to measure interest, relevance, preferences and priorities, when the pandemic hit. No longer could they go out and speak in person, events were cancelled and our lives changed. 

But this group of innovators have really stepped up to the challenge and have used the opportunity to strengthen their bonds as a group to support each other through these difficult times. 

“This has been one of the highlights for me. It’s amazing to see what a group of individuals can do when they come together and collaborate.”

Julie Ellam, Good Ideas Coordinator at The Melting Pot

On Monday 8th June the group confidently (some would say nervously) logged on to share their ideas with an amazing group of supportive individuals that came to learn more about their ideas. 

With each presentation, a Class member shared the problem that they are looking to solve, the solution they are putting in place and what they need to take their idea onto the next stage. 

“It was fantastic to see everyone and to learn about your wonderful projects! All the best & I’m looking forward to seeing the brilliant places you’ll go.”

Anna Brow, FutureX

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our innovator stories, adding these to those of the recent Glasgow Class and we encourage you to consider how you can #HelpMakeChange.