Our Nature-Based Accelerator is ending on September 2nd with a much-anticipated Launch. At this event, the innovators will pitch their nature-based enterprise ideas. But who are they, and what are they working on? Read our short introduction blog series to whet your appetite. Next up is Deborah Cooper with Human Nature.

Human Nature: The Story

Deborah has used both nature and creativity to care for her own mental health ever since she was a child. As an adult she has been helping others to do the same and is now moving from a sole trader to an enterprise. She wants to deliver training in crafts for the purposes of personal development and improving mental health. The plan is to do this outdoors using sustainable and/or locally sourced materials.

Human Nature: Impact and Benefits

Being in the outdoors is beneficial for people, and the recent pandemic has highlighted how much we need both the outdoors and human contact. Making things gives people mindful activities to do and improves self-esteem. Doing this with others in a safe space also gives people the opportunity to overcome social anxiety and develop their support network. Use of natural materials raises interest in plants and the environment, which increases the likelihood that people will care for them. It also demonstrates that you don’t need lots of money to be creative, which could be of benefit to individuals and families in poverty. In teaching the skills she has learned over the years, Deborah sees the potential for a massive ripple effect, too.

Human Nature: Collaboration and Connections

Deborah sees herself working with third sector organisations to provide good experiences for their service users, empower teachers to take their learning outside and perhaps help deal with the increased demand for quality mental health services. She also wants to work with members of the public.

Human Nature: Why the Nature-Based Accelerator?

Deborah is very experienced in leading groups and delivering training, and wanted to gain additional skills required to effectively develop the business. She also sees the benefit of working in collaboration with others and knew that this would be a key benenfit of the programme.

Human Nature: Further info

Human Nature is in the early stages of development. To chat to Deborah, email [email protected] and come to our Launch event to meet her!

Join us for the Launch on 2nd September where Deborah and other participants of the Nature-Based Accelerator will pitch their innovative enterprise ideas. Grab this chance to create some valuable connections! Find tickets and more information here.