Our vision is a network of movement makers who collaborate to create systemic change in Scotland and beyond.

Since 2012 the Good Ideas programme has engaged over 200 social innovators as they establish their own ideas for social change. We have incubated 91 different social ventures of which 46 are still operating (or in development) today.

The Young Foundation and NESTA, UK industry leaders in Social Innovation, have described a multi-stage spiral process for turning messiness into impact. The Good Ideas value proposition and impact measurement framework are designed to mirror this proven process.

Stage Outcome Results 2017
1 Prompts Aspiring Social Innovators gain the courage to test their idea 250+ people attended Catalyst events
2 Proposals Early stage social innovation ideas are tested 35 ideas tested at Camps
3 Prototypes Early stage social innovation ideas are prototyped and launched 10 ideas prototyped during 6-month Class
4 Sustaining Social innovators are coached through success/failure points 91 ideas have been incubated since 2012

46 ideas are still operating (43%)

5 Scaling Established social innovation ventures access support to continue or  scale up 61 social innovators received 1:1 or peer-to-peer support in the Good Ideas Network
6 Change Social innovations create systemic change Average return per idea still operating:

3 jobs
10 volunteer
1300 beneficiaries