Do you have a business idea that uses nature and could have a positive impact in Glasgow? 

Glasgow’s Nature-Based Accelerator can help you take it to the next level. 

Glasgow’s Nature-Based Accelerator is a 6 month fully funded programme for early-stage nature-based ideas and enterprises that could create positive environmental, social, or economic change in Glasgow. 


The Nature-Based Accelerator was developed by Good Ideas and Glasgow City Council. It’s all about encouraging local and resilient nature-based economies, creating more green jobs, and helping achieve net-zero targets. 

What’s a Nature-Based enterprise? 

  • It uses nature directly or indirectly as a key part of its product, service or process. 
  • It also supports climate change, health & wellbeing and biodiversity policy agendas. 
  • It’s not tied to a legal structure and can be a social enterprise, a collective, a charity or a for-profit business. 

Here are a few examples: food or other community growing, beekeeping, nature-focused landscape architecture, eco-tourism, urban forestry, biomaterials, carbon off-setting, and vocational & skills training.  Find out more here. 

Is this for you?

  • You are an innovator or entrepreneur, with an idea or an enterprise 
  • You have an idea that could result in positive social, environmental, or economic outcomes in Glasgow. 
  • Your idea uses nature directly or indirectly and supports climate change, health & wellbeing and biodiversity loss policies.
  • You have a good understanding of what you want to do and the impact your idea could have.
  • You have started to explore who your potential customers and beneficiaries might be.
  • Your idea will have an impact in Glasgow and could help to achieve the objectives of the open space strategy.
  • You understand how your idea could be financially viable.

What’s involved

  • 6 month fully funded programme.
  • A facilitated process using design thinking methodology.
  • 18 interactive workshops (online and in person).
  • Working closely with other nature-based enterprises.
  • A final launch event connecting you with key stakeholders.
  • Expert advice and ongoing support.

By the end of the programme you will: 

  • Have a clear value proposition and unique selling point (USP).
  • Understand who your potential customers are.
  • Have a strong peer network of support with others working in a similar field.
  • Understand your business model and how your enterprise can be financially viable.
  • Have learned from entrepreneurs and experts within the field.
  • Identify the social, environmental, and economic benefits your enterprise can have.
  • Have access to business support throughout the programme.
  • Connect into the wider ecosystem.
  • Launch to a network of key stakeholders.

Key dates

  • Deadline for applications: 15 April 2022
  • Application workshop – Full day, Glasgow: 28 April 2022 (You need to attend this workshop as part of the application process)
  • Successful applicants notified: 12 May 2022 
  • Workshop dates for successful applicants: click here to see the full schedule

The application is straightforward and contains up to 14 questions. If you have all the details of your idea at hand, it will take no more than 15 minutes to complete.


Need support or have a question?

If you have queries about the application process, criteria or are facing issues with completing the form, contact [email protected].




Connecting Nature




Connecting Nature

Coordinated by Trinity College Dublin, Connecting Nature is a Horizon 2020 project where Glasgow is a front runner city. It is a consortium of 30 partners within 16 European countries, and hubs in Brazil, China, Korea & The Caucasus (Georgia and Armenia). We are co-working with local authorities, communities, industry partners, NGOs and academics who are investing in large scale implementation of nature–based projects in urban settings. We are measuring the impact of these initiatives on climate change adaptation, health and well-being, social cohesion, and sustainable economic development in these cities. We are also developing a diversity of innovative actions to nurture the start-up and growth of commercial and social enterprises active in producing nature-based solutions and products.


Glasgow City Council





Glasgow City Council

Glasgow is one of three cities from across Europe selected to take part in the H2020 Connecting Nature project as a ‘Front Runner City’.  The purpose of a front runner city is to lead on large scale nature-based solution projects and share learning with other partner cities across Europe and the world.

Through the Connecting Nature project the Glasgow team is supporting the development and delivery of the Open Space Strategy (OSS). Glasgow’s project has a data-driven strategic policy focus and was therefore chosen for an innovative and unique approach. 

The team are working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to implement the 15 key aspects identified within the OSS helping to ensure positive economic, social & environmental outcomes.


The Melting Pot




Good Ideas at The Melting Pot

Since 2011 Good Ideas at The Melting Pot has inspired and supported people to turn their good ideas into new social enterprises, charities, and campaigns. Making an idea happen can be a daunting prospect. Finding time to explore new ideas is difficult. We’re here to help people test their ideas and make change happen.

The Melting Pot is Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation and home of coworking in Edinburgh. We lead the way in ensuring creative, resilient, and effective social innovation takes its essential place at the heart of a vibrant society.


Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian UniversitySocial Innovation Connect 

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is a vibrant, innovative and multi-award winning University for the Common Good. We aim to contribute to society in a manner that embraces yet goes beyond the traditional role of a university. GCU’s For the Common Good commitment is brought to life through our strategy and by the actions of our staff, students, and alumni around the world. Their Social Innovation Connect Centre supports this Accelerator. Social Innovation Connect (SI Connect) is a new initiative that aims to create a better, more connected UK social innovation ecosystem across the regions, with stronger transnational ties to Europe and beyond. The project is a part of the European Social Innovation Alliance (ESIA), part of an EU-funded programme which supports the establishment of national social innovation competence centres across Europe.