Our Nature-Based Accelerator is ending on September 2nd with a much-anticipated Launch. At this event, the innovators will pitch their nature-based enterprise ideas. But who are they, and what are they working on? Read our short introduction blog series to whet your appetite. Next up is Kirsty and Donald with Wildside Nature.

Wildside Nature: The Story

Donald Malone and Kirsty Gifford of Wildside Nature are zoologists and explorers with a worldwide experience of research into animals, birds and ecosystems. They aim to share these global experiences Donald holding a seal with children and young people by making links to ongoing science projects in the field. In this way, pupils can ask scientists questions directly and learn more about the work they do and its impact. Wildside Nature love to learn outdoors so their workshops usually take place outside.

Wildside Nature: Impact and Benefits

Children are losing their connection with the natural environment and those in urban environments are particularly disadvantaged. This ‘extinction of experience’ has a detrimental long-term impact on environmental attitudes and behaviours. Kirsty and Donal believe that their work could benefit the wellbeing of children of all ages and from all backgrounds, in particular in areas of multiple deprivation. Examples of expected results from participating in the workshops include enhanced communication and cooperation skills, increased health and self-esteem, and greater understanding of the need for sustainable relationships between people and the environment.

Wildside Nature: Collaboration and Connections

Donald and Kirsty want to work with schools focusing on those in less affluent areas and with children of all ages. They also want to make connections with home-schooling groups and a variety of relevant charity organisations.

Wildside Nature: Why the Nature-Based Accelerator?

They joined the Accelerator as they are interested in making connections with other like-minded organisations in Glasgow in the hope to develop their own business whilst working alongside others. They are also in the process of setting up as a social enterprise and saw an opportunity to tap into any guidance and support with this next step.

Wildside Nature: Further info

Make sure to keep tabs on Wildside Nature via Twitter: @wildsidenature_donald

Join us for the Launch on 2nd September where Kirsty and other participants of the Nature-Based Accelerator will pitch their innovative enterprise ideas. Grab this chance to create some valuable connections! Find tickets and more information here.