Good Ideas 2020 has now concluded and after the Edinburgh Social Innovation Showcase, run online due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have 11 new social innovators working hard to make an impact. Let us introduce you to the Edinburgh Class and opportunities to work with them to deliver social change.

Each Class member has a unique request. A specific ask that, if fulfilled, will help them make a bigger impact in this next stage. Read on to find out if you can help Rosie make change. 

Inspiring people taking inspiring ideas and transforming them into something with a positive impact is what drives Good Ideas. One thing we’re feeling thankful for, especially in the current climate, are these amazing entrepreneurs and Rosie Houlton a.k.a Rosie Sings is no exception.

Rosie is a cabaret vocalist promoting sexual health through comedy and song; encouraging adults to explore a sex-positive conversation without the stigma.

The STI Stigma / The Problem 

Rosie has always used her own stories to promote difficult subjects and has been very open with her sex life and love life to help encourage conversation. At the age of 29, however, she caught the STI chlamydia and while it was very easy to treat physically it had quite an emotional impact on her. The stigma of catching a STI is very high and aren’t comfortable talking about it. This experience completely changed Rosie’s outlook on sexual health.

Rosie is clear that sex is a wonderful experience to share with someone however too many people are not brave enough to get tested and when they catch something are not brave enough to discuss it with their sexual partners. There are amazing movements, charities and help for sexual health but there is something missing in terms of actual stories being heard especially for the smaller, easily treated scenarios that, emotionally, can stay with someone for a long time allowing them to feel cheated, alone and isolated.

Clap for my Prince / The Solution 

The lack Rosie knew as an adult at the age of 29, about sexual health, encouraged her to start incorporating and telling her own vulnerable story, through comedy in her standup and other creative outlets to reduce the stigma of catching STDs, and STDs among adults, and to promote sex positivity, which is a movement which allows you to just explore whatever sex life you desire, but in a safe, consensual, and open minded manner.

These include a new comedy cabaret show ‘Clap for my Prince’, the journey of how catching chlamydia led Rosie to the love of her life and the podcast ‘Clap for us’ (you can see a theme here), which will be a celebration of creative artists and how they are promoting sex positivity, sexuality, and sexual health in their own creative outlets, whether it’s comedy, or painting.

Rosie Sings with pianist

Pivoting / The Experience 

Rosie told us that she wasn’t really sure what to expect from Good Ideas other than that there would be guidance on developing her idea. She joined that two day camp in November, which showed her what to expect for the Class, and she promptly applied to join the six month programme.

“The two days were really useful and gave me an exact interpretation of what we have been doing over the past six months which is collaborating with intelligent people who are all sharing the same drive. It’s for a different purpose and we all want to make change.” 

Covid-19, coming in the second half of the programme, had a huge impact on the progression of Rosie’s idea. Glasgow International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe were cancelled and along with them Rosie’s opportunity to test material in front of a live audience. So, as most of us have had to do, Rosie pivoted with a Facebook Live Show ‘Love Songs from my Loo’, an online, four episode series covering the history of sexual health in between covers of songs.

At the same time the Good Ideas programme also went online.

“It surprised me. When we got the news that we had to move to online, I was a little bit sad because we would miss this human contact. But actually they manage very well to bring it online. The breakout rooms are great because we have smaller groups to discuss but we also get to give feedback and discuss more in the main room. The transition was exactly what I wanted … it ended up being really good. We kept having all the great experience and getting all the knowledge and all the collaboration from the class.”

Creative Connections / The Asks 

So what does Rose need now and how can you help?

  • Do you work in a sexual health charity, college or university?
  • Do you see an opportunity to sponsor or fund the project?

Rosie would like to discuss online and in person events using sex entertainment to promote the sex positive movement, and to promote sexual health in fun, creative and lighthearted ways. 

And finally, do you have a story from your experience that you are willing to share with Rosie? If you have been affected in any way with an STI or an STD, or something to do with sex positive movement, and you have a story that you’d like and would be willing for Rosie to share in a creative way, get in touch.

Contact Rosie at [email protected] or visit

“I really want to enhance the sex positive movement in a light hearted way. That’s still delivering the correct open minded messages that we all deserve. You deserve a wonderful sex life just like me, but in a really really safe, open minded manner. You can check me out on and contact me via contact at Let’s be sex positive together. Thank you.”

Can you work with Rosie to #HelpMakeChange?

Rosie  is one of our many wonderful Alumni doing good things with her Good Ideas. If you would like to support Good Ideas to help others like Claire please let us know.

Any questions? Get in touch! 

Stay safe and take care 🙂