We need a space that we can connect and where isolation is something that we approach on our own terms.

Good Ideas 2020 has now concluded and after the Edinburgh Social Innovation Showcase, run online due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have 11 new social innovators working hard to make an impact. Let us introduce you to the Edinburgh Class and opportunities to work with them to deliver social change.

Each Class member has a unique request. A specific ask that, if fulfilled, will help them make a bigger impact in this next stage. Read on to find out if you can help Robert Sproul-Cran make change.

Robert Sproul-Cran
Highland Creative Centre

The future we face is unknown yet as we move through these uncertain times we know the importance of community and support. Good Ideas provides the structure, tools and space required to turn ideas into impact, the rest is up to the hard working social innovators.

Among these people is Robert Sproul-Cran, the founder of Highland Creative Centre, which will run creative retreats in Scotland’s wilderness.

A Disconnected World / The Problem

We are living in cities, right next to other people, but completely disconnected both from them and from nature further afield, from the wild spaces that Scotland has. And this is particularly acute right now with us being forced into isolation. We’re noticing a lot of things for the first time, but it’s not the first time that it’s been there. There’s been a longing to reconnect. If anything, the last few weeks have taught us that we’ve been waiting for permission to connect; to the neighbours, to the postie, to far flung friends. Waiting for permission to do little jobs and creative pursuits, that we say we would do ‘one day’. We’re looking for when we can make that one day, when our whole lives can be forever filled with what those one days would be.

Isolation on Our Own Terms / The Solution

So, Rob is building a community through creative retreats, where people can go and learn a connection with the land to try things from the most ancient crafts right through to the modern day, to discover what it means to express themselves in ways that they hadn’t explored before, never felt that they would be able to, or ways that they had actually been using on a day to day basis, a career, and they need space to develop further.

“The fact is that we need a space that we can connect and where isolation is something that we approach on our own terms. So the idea of a woodland in the wilderness with cabins, workshops and activities where people can join in as they see fit and they can make the most of the community there. They can decide that actually, Yes, this model is how I want to live my life. This is the most invigorating and inspiring way I could spend my time. So, I hope it will encourage more people to do that.”

Productive and Inspiring / The Experience

Rob first joined Good Ideas through the pilot Catalyst events in Glasgow and then moved on to the 2 day Camp in Edinburgh.

“The few hours I spent at both the shorter Good Ideas events I attended were more productive and inspiring than the days if not weeks leading up to them.”

He saw how the programme could drive forward the development of his enterprise, give his skills and exercises to work through, and the accountability to get them done. He was concerned whether he would be at an appropriate stage in development to fully benefit from the course, but found that the transferable nature of what the Class were learning assuaged those fears.

“I gained a strong network of like-minded innovators who will encourage, motivate and support each other through the sometimes lonely world of starting an enterprise. The potential for collaborations, introductions and cross-promotion is also great.

Additionally, the techniques, skills and practices learnt on the course will be invaluable not only in our immediate ventures but beyond. “

Connect to the Benefits / The Asks

Rob needs help to build this place; collaborators, partners, and those simply keen to be part of it and make it happen.

Who do you know who would benefit from this experience? Please tell them about it, and consider how the Highland Creative Centre can help you and let Rob know how you could get involved. All of these details are on Highlandcreativecentre.com.

Let Rob help you find your edge of the world.

Rob is one of our many wonderful Alumni doing good things with his Good Ideas. If you would like to support Good Ideas to help others like Rob please let us know.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Stay safe and take care 🙂