Space, the final frontier and something we’re pretty clued up on here at The Melting Pot HQ. Good Ideas is powered by our mother organisation The Melting Pot, Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation and one of the first coworking spaces in the world.

We’ve seen the social impact that coworking can have. Our Social Impact Report 2018 showed that access to our coworking community improves our Member’s wellbeing, productivity and impact. 

BUT, the space we need isn’t just a physical thing. When we are working on a project we need to ensure we’re dedicating appropriate space in our lives to help it reach its potential. This applies doubly when you’re working on delivering social change, which is often personal, challenging and incredibly important! 

The space you take may take the form of an accountability partner, developing a project management system or ensuring you’re looking after your wellbeing when you’re not working. Perhaps you also take up a coworking membership so you can commit to a new routine, with dedicated time and a place to go. 

The Good Ideas incubation programme was founded on this idea of creating space for social innovators to work on their idea. The first stage, the Good Ideas Camp, takes them through a 2 day process to assess the potential of their idea. If you’ve spent years with your idea as just that, an idea, even these two dedicated days can have a profound impact on the progression of the project. This time and space helps you take a detailed look at the problem you want to address and the potential solution you are proposing. You may come away deciding not to go ahead with this idea after all or the idea may change shape completely. But taking this space helps you look your idea in the eye so you know you’ve given it a fair shot. 

The next stage is the Good Ideas Class, a 6 month incubation process steeped in peer to peer feedback, practical tools and expert input. The Class show up every week to work on their idea with the Good Ideas facilitators and their fellow Class members. They build a community and a clearer picture of their idea for social change. The Class also get access to the physical workspace and community they need to work on their ideas away from the workshops. 

It is an intensive process but it works! We’ve found that 43% of the projects that come through Good Ideas are still operating today, compared to the UK average of 2/3 startups failing in their first few years. The space and structure the programme provides helps social innovators deliver sustainable social change. 

Applications for the 2019/20 Good Ideas programme are closed. If you have an idea and want to be kept up to date of when applications open in 2020 sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date with the next programme cycle as well as news and events.

p.s. The featured image for this blog is the Hubble telescope’s sharpest view of the Orion Nebula. Check out NASA Commons for a different approach to exploring space from this blog!