Govanhill…. home to many people whose first language isn’t English, a host of separate communities that don’t often come together has become the norm.

The first ever Glasgow Good Ideas Class has now finished and its 5 social innovators are working hard to make change. Unfortunately the usual end of Class celebration, the Social Innovation Showcase, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But we’ve launched the #HelpMakeChange campaign to introduce you to the Glasgow Class and opportunities to work with them to deliver social change.

Each Class member has a unique request. A specific ask that, if fulfilled, will help them make a bigger impact in this next stage. Read on to find out if you can help social entrepreneur Rhiannon Davies make change. 

The Glasgow Good Ideas Class have been working hard to turn their dreams of a better world into a reality. Rhiannon is among this bunch of wonderful folk, and her idea could mean a big change for many people. 

Budding Ideas / The Problem

Rhiannon Davies standing in the sunshine, in fron t of trees and  wearing a red top

Rhiannon lives in Govanhill. The area receives a lot of negative media attention, towards the area and its multicultural residents. As home to many people whose first language isn’t English, a host of separate communities that don’t often come together has become the norm. This is what Rhiannon has set out to change. Not just to counter the negative image that Govanhill has become all too accustomed to, but to encourage connection and a sense of pride in the community.  

How does she propose to make this happen in her area, you may be wondering? 

Together As One / The Solution 

When you have a more positive, self driven form of media, you can take control of the narrative. A decline in local news means that areas like Govanhill see less and less coverage relating to the area, and more that relates to the city as a whole. 

Rhiannon wants to bring power back into Govanhill by creating a community magazine, available in print and online. This magazine will look at positive, local stories, as well as tackling the big issues facing the area. All coverage of these issues will be solutions focused. The goal is to start a conversation that brings people together.

On top of that, the plan is to run training events and workshops to get people ready to contribute, even those who would not normally think of themselves as writers, journalists or photographers. The magazine hopes to represent a true cross-section of the voices in the community. 

During lockdown, Rhiannon has been working to capture and preserve the good news stories she’s been hearing from the local community. You can read more at

Joining the Class / The Experience 

Coming from part-time jobs in both journalism and community work, Rhiannon has all the skills she needs to make a success of her idea. What she needed was a community of social entrepreneurs to help her make the leap. She came across Good Ideas during a walk across Scotland visiting community projects, where she met fellow alumni Zakia Moulaoui, founder of Invisible Cities.

Rhiannon told us,

“Good Ideas has helped me in a number of ways. Obviously, meeting a nice group of people and becoming part of a very supportive network. Having expert guidance and information. That’s been a real positive thing.

But also, it’s that chance to get down to the nitty gritty details of how things actually work and operate. You can have your idea and it can be sitting in your head, but actually, it’s quite hard to then tell other people about it. To find out whether it’s a good idea after all or it’s not thought through in some way, or it’s not financially viable. You’re forced to step outside your comfort zone. Sharing something that might be quite personal, something you’re passionate about. So that’s also been really positive.”

What the Future Holds / The Asks 

Rhiannon is looking for:

  • Advice on securing funding for this type of project
  • How to adjust her plans to the current circumstances 
  • Connections to people who have run similar publications and anyone in publishing and advertising

Could you be part of the solution to #HelpMakeChange for Rhiannon?

If the answer is yes, why not get in touch? Give her an email over at [email protected]

Stay safe and take care 🙂

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