Perhaps you’ve a good idea to present?
Then please come along to the catalyst event
So off I went with my poetry
Little did I know where it would take me!

We shared our own why’s in a tentative way
Using lego and post its and playdo and clay
And lo and behold although still unsure
I was launched into camp with more entrepreneurs

We started as 30 in Montgomery St Lane
With ideas a plenty and lots more to gain
Learning creatively, refining our why
Articulating problems, demystify…ing

Thro’ peer to peer learning, skilled facilitation
Applying to the next stage, oh the anticipation
New friendships kindled, knowing alas
Not all would make it, through to the class

So January came and we looked all around
At the small select group in which we had found ..ourselves
Getting onto the business of why we were there
Setting ground rules for working, defining self care

Then using the tools to develop our canvas
Who is the customer, do we understand this?
Values and visioning, hypothesis testing
Pains, gains, relievers; so much to invest in

Learning together the highs and the lows
Supporting each other, sharing the load
Baking and biscuits and buckets of tea
Reflections and actions and the reality
Of juggling the balls and keeping our sanity
And doing the homework and showing humanity
For now as a group we’ve reduced down to 10
Who are growing together and becoming real friends

Then its on to the coaching and expert advice
On marketing, networking, costing and price
Practicing pitching in front of our peers
being our best selves, overcoming fears

While our fabulous coaches are steadfast and true
Asking difficult questions meant to challenge you
Using new methodologies like De Bono ‘s 6 hats
Troike, more post its and Action Learning sets

Till finally we’re ready for the end- market place
Or the end of the beginning, in this wonderful space
Where we show off our wares and sell our ideas
To the great and the good and the rest of our peers

We’ve been incubating for 16 great weeks
Go forth and accelerate, use the techniques
And the knowledge we’ve gained thro’ all the transactions
And remember that “Patience is a form of action”

Kath MacDonald
Founder of Listen Up
Good Ideas Class of 2019