We know how hard it is to start turning a good idea for positive social change into action. No matter how much you care about the issue or how confident you are in the approach, finding the time to start is often the limiting factor. This is exactly why we created the Good Ideas programme, to create space for developing early stage ideas. It is built by social innovators who have been there and done it, people who have faced the numerous challenges, revelled in successes and made a positive impact. The only difference between them and you is that they’ve started!

We’ve got a few new resources that will help you get going, even if you’re not quite ready to commit to the full Good Ideas programme just yet…

Our Monthly Mailing – resources, tools, inspiration


When your idea is in its early stages everything is tight. Time, money, energy – when you first start thinking about your idea all your resources are invested elsewhere. Sometimes it’s a long road to doing something meaningful with your project, and that’s ok! Our monthly mailing is here to remind you that one day you will commit to your idea and when you do we’re here to help you find the network, tools and structure you’ll need to make it a success. In the meantime, each month we’ll send you practical tips and tricks, events and tales of people making change, people who were in the same position you are just a short while ago. Each month we explore a theme and this month it’s… starting! For more tips on starting make sure to get on the mailing list this week, we’re sending the first installment out on Monday 5 August.

The newsletter is free, as is the Good Ideas programme, we make the investment in people who are serious about making change because we want to see social innovation flourish.

Good Ideas Catalyst

The Catalyst is a variety of events that help you better understand your idea. As part of this we run a high intensity workshop over half a day. The process helps you progress your idea. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your next steps, which might well be a return to the drawing board. Three hours well spent we’d say!

Catalyst events help you meet other people at the same stage of their journey. Good Ideas is part of The Melting Pot and everything we do as an organisation is about helping people make their ideas happen. Over the last 12 years we’ve found that a strong community is the most powerful tool for staying accountable and inspired. Going public is daunting but talking about your idea in a room full of people is an enormous leap towards making it happen. Come along to Make Change in Glasgow on Wednesday 18 September.

You’re Ready to Start

If you’re ready to get started in earnest then it’s time to submit your application for the Good Ideas programme, running this Autumn in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We start with the Camp, two days over two weekends where you pull everything apart and put it back together again. Test your idea, see if it’s viable and come away with something you can run with.

Good Ideas Camp 2018 - group of people smiling and cheering
Good Ideas Camp 2018

Once you’ve completed the Camp you’ll be invited to apply for Class. Successful applicants will be selected for a 5-month sprint of workshops and learning tours that result in a minimum viable product for delivering your idea. You’ll then join the Alumni network alongside previous participants including Chris Hellawell of the Edinburgh Tool Library, Celia Hodson of Hey Girls and Zakia Moulaoui of Invisible Cities.

Starting never stops being nerve-wracking, trust us we’ve been at this for more than a decade and launching our programme in Glasgow has the butterflies fluttering for the whole team. But nerves are there to keep us focused, the things that scare us are the things worth doing. We’re here to make your start as successful as possible, you just need to make the leap.

Wherever you’re at with your commitment to social change Good Ideas is here for you – join our mailing list to start your journey