Our Nature-Based Accelerator is ending on September 2nd with a much-anticipated Launch. At this event, the innovators will pitch their nature-based enterprise ideas. But who are they, and what are they working on? Read our short introduction blog series to whet your appetite. Next up is Vertical Forest C.I.C.

Vertical Forest C.I.C.: The Story

The team behind Vertical Forest C.I.C spotted an issue: chemical paints are widely used in the construction industry. They either contain harmful compounds or they have been processed using harmful compounds, which can negatively impact the health of humans and their environment. These chemicals often have a high water and carbon footprints with a heavy reliance on rare minerals. The Vertical Forest C.I.C. team want to develop a series of non-toxic coating alternatives in the form of a living paint. These will be sustainable, compostable and capable of fixing carbon. They will also extend the life cycle of their underlying materials, for example concrete. As the name suggests, Vertical Forest C.I.C. will be creating urban forests by turning building facades into living, breathing, composite beings!

Vertical Forest C.I.C.: Impact and Benefits

This living paint is a non-toxic, natural alternative to synthetic paints and coatings and can remove carbon from the atmosphere. In this way, it will not only provide an alternative to paints that are costly to the environment, but also contribute to it in a positive manner. The product will be tailored using locally sourced materials and a local workforce to the Glasgow ecosystem. It will be distributed through partnership with local entrepreneurs and makers in the city. Vertical Forest is a Glasgow-based enterprise and is keen to use this opportunity to showcase local business ideas and talent. At the same time, they will contribute to the sustainability agenda that is being discussed at COP26 this year.

Vertical Forest C.I.C.: Collaboration and Connections

The team behind Vertical Forest C.I.C. see their product appealing to anyone or any collective who cares about reducing their carbon footprint. The product can also be applied in both industrial and residential buildings, giving it a wide audience. In particular they are very keen to forge collaboration with their local councils and companies involved in building conservation.

Vertical Forest C.I.C.: Why the Nature-Based Accelerator?

The team behind Vertical Forest C.I.C. joined the Nature-Based Accelerator for a chance to think more deeply about the enterprise, and for dedicated time to research and calculate the business elements of the endeavour.

Vertical Forest C.I.C.: Further info

Vertical Forest C.I.C. are setting up their online presence. You can find them vie their website: www.verticalforest.org

Join us for the Launch on 2nd September where the team from Vertical Forest C.I.C. and other participants of the Nature-Based Accelerator will pitch their innovative enterprise ideas. Grab this chance to create some valuable connections! Find tickets and more information here.