Christine Cran

Christina Cran is a Good Ideas Acadmey alumni, working on her Good Idea, Wee Seeds: “Planting the seeds of mindfulness & meditation into mini minds.”

Christina shared her Good Ideas Academy journey, from Camp to Class, and why she believes that you should take the most difficult step and fill out that application form.

I’m sitting on my sofa. It’s cold outside but thanks to our log fire it’s warm in my living room. My laptop sits perched on my knees waiting for me to continue tinkering with the 150 words I’ve been messing around with all afternoon.

Changing, editing, reading.

Reviewing, changing, reading.

My husband is fed up hearing the same version of the words just in a different order. It’s not whether they accurately reflect my Good Idea that’s holding me back from pressing submit on my entry form, no that’s not the problem: they do.

It’s fear that’s holding me back.

Fear of rejection, of not making it through. Fear that it’s really a rubbish idea. Fear that it’s a really great idea – then what?! Fear of what’ll happen if I get through, what will we have to do? Fear. It’s always fear.

But there’s not time to waste now. It’s the night before submissions are due for the Good Ideas Academy. Cutting it fine, then, but with a PR business, a house renovation and a 4 year-old to look after, I’d simply not found the time to sit down and fill in the entry form. I may have been tardy in my submission but the idea had been brewing in my head for months. Teaching my child mindfulness and meditation and seeing the benefits in him, and our relationship, had promoted me to think what if this was more widely available? What if, I’d tell myself, what if? But then life would get in the way and I’d put my dream aside, Life was more pressing: work and cooking and child-care and shopping and writing press releases to attend to.

The problem was though that I’d had a vision of something and now I so desperately wanted it to exist in the world. How I was going to make that happen though, this was the problem I pondered on an almost daily basis. Then I spotted the flyer for the Good Ideas Academy while in The Melting Pot one day and of course instantly pinned the reality of my dreams on it. No wonder I was scared to press send.

So finally, wine in hand, log fire burnt to its ashes, I pressed send and went to bed. I waited a week, refreshing my emails almost every minute.

When the email came I’d prepared myself for rejection. You tell yourself that don’t you…but you’re never really prepared.

I was unsuccessful.

Then a few days later, my phone rang and, due to someone dropping out, and mine being near the top of the pile, the Good Ideas Academy had flung open its doors to Wee Seeds. My dream was to become a reality!

Now, this is where I was entirely and wholeheartedly wrong. Being accepted onto the Good Ideas Camp and then the Class does not mean your idea will become a reality, or be funded, or they’ll write your business plan, or solve your problems, or indeed, prop you up when you’re emotionally and physically broken from all the thinking. But it does mean they’ll love, guide and support you through all aspects of setting up a social enterprise, the hows, the whys, the why-nots. They’ll guide you through business models, negotiate you through financial planning, and funding applications, and help you guide your heart, mind and body to a place that supports your activity.

But you have to do the hard work, put in the hours, attend the Camp, do your homework, and of course, at the end of the Camp pitch your idea to get onto the Class, and then, phew does the hard work begin. During our first Camp weekend, The Melting Pot Founder Claire Carpenter said: “Life won’t ever be the same again if you get onto the Class, you’ll need to put things on hold, chose between this and other things in your life.”

First though you have to fill in that application form. As the saying goes: “Dreams don’t have deadlines.” But this application does! It’s maybe never too late to follow your dreams but it will be if you’ve not submitted by midnight on October 1st!!

And as for the initial rejection, well, as my Grandad always said: “What’s for you won’t go by you.” You never know what’s round the corner but at the same time we carve our own path by the decisions we make. Go on, you know you want to…

Wee Seeds exists to give parents and professionals tools to plant and grow the seeds of mindfulness and meditation in 3-5 year olds, by way of fun, easy, interactive exercises. Delivered through digital resources, either online or an app, Wee Seeds helps little ones develop their inner quiet and strength and nurture the parent/child connection.

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