Our Nature-Based Accelerator is ending on September 2nd with a much-anticipated Launch. At this event, the innovators will pitch their nature-based enterprise ideas. But who are they, and what are they working on? Read our short introduction blog series to whet your appetite. First up is Becky Duncan with Eco Ayes.

Eco Ayes: The Story

Becky Duncan

Becky Duncan came to the Nature-Based Accelerator with ten years’ experience in providing images and participatory projects to Scotland’s 3rd sector through Open Aye. Recognising the need for bold ideas to solve the climate and nature crisis, she is launching Eco Ayes. Through engagement programmes, visual storytelling, wellbeing projects and community-led advocacy, Eco Ayes will help to contribute to positive solutions, for people & planet.

Eco Ayes: Impact and Benefits

Eco Ayes aims to help communities to have a positive impact on the environment.

By using expertise in professional digital imaging as well as skills in community arts & development, Eco Ayes will focus on helping groups and organisations to connect with green spaces and issues, engaging in communications that have impact. Their outputs will include: creating photos for climate focussed enterprise so they can thrive, engaging groups to tell their stories about green spaces, bringing policy makers and public together around photo dialogues, making pop up events in stalled spaces to reimagine what possible, helping school kids monitor biodiversity around them.. and much more.

To solve the ecological emergency we need mass awareness, inspiration, wide spread action & healthy outlooks. By co-creating campaigns for change, we can ensure diversity of ideas and successful solutions.

Eco Ayes: Collaboration and Connections

Eco Ayes will work with Charities, Social Enterprises, community groups as well as the general public. Particular emphasis is given to groups with Protected Characteristics, but the methodology is open to all.

Eco Ayes: Why the Nature-Based Accelerator?

Becky was keen to join the Nature-Based Accelerator as it offered a fresh opportunity to consider how Eco Ayes might develop and make a difference

Eco Ayes: Further info

Eco Ayes is aiming to officially launch in late in 2021. Follow them on twitter @open_aye.

Join us for the Launch on 2nd September where Becky and other participants of the Nature-Based Accelerator will pitch their innovative enterprise ideas. Grab this chance to create some valuable connections! Find tickets and more information here.